China’s ‘leap’ in Middle East a potential source for rivalry

From Lancaster Eagle Gazette As a nation undergoing its Industrial Revolution in the Information Age, China's rapid growth is proceeding in tandem with its growing energy needs, which are placing enormous pressure on world energy prices and fueling a fierce global competition for energy resources. "For China these days," as Khody Akhavi of Inter Press Service notes, "it seems that nothing - not rising energy prices; not sanctions aimed at its Continue Reading

Rise of the Red Dragon

China has the fourth largest economy in the world, and the nation's red hot economy has been growing even faster than analysts predicted. For the fifth straight quarter the Chinese economy has grown more than 10 percent - with no signs of slowing down. Made In China Recently the World Trade Organization released its first batch of global trade statistics for 2006. According to the WTO, China has surpassed the United States as the world's Continue Reading