Moral Clarity in Gaza

From Washington Post Some geopolitical conflicts are morally complicated. The Israel-Gaza war is not. It possesses a moral clarity not only rare but excruciating. Israel is so scrupulous about civilian life that, risking the element of surprise, it contacts enemy noncombatants in advance to warn them of approaching danger. Hamas, which started this conflict with unrelenting rocket and mortar attacks on unarmed Israelis -- 6,464 launched from Continue Reading

The war of double standards

From Spectator UK An excellent analysis by David Horowitz in the Jerusalem Post ponders the tragic dilemma facing Israel: Hamas gunmen are commandeering ambulances and taking children out with them to battle, according to Israeli security sources. At every moment, with every use of firepower, there is the potential for Palestinian civilian casualties. As they mourn the loss of five soldiers, IDF commanders are well aware of the mounting Continue Reading

‘Hamas has nothing left but rockets’

From YNet News On the 12th day of fighting in the Gaza Strip, the defense establishment is seeing that Hamas is in deep distress. This isn't only coming to fruition on the physical front, but also in the morale of the organization's political and military echelons. From Hamas' viewpoint, it seems as though the current IDF operation has crossed all the red lines. Hamas officials are even making statements in the vein that Israel has lost Continue Reading

Israel, Hamas Renew Attacks as Cease-Fire Is Rejected

From Fox News Hamas fired more than two dozens rockets and mortar shells by mid-day Wednesday, including five that hit in and around the major southern Israeli city of Beersheba, 22 miles from Gaza. One hit an empty school. Another landed in a small farming community about 20 miles southeast of Tel Aviv. No serious casualties were reported. The diplomatic action was set in motion by the scale of destruction in Gaza since Israel unleashed its Continue Reading

Is Israel Using ‘Disproportionate Force’

From Jewish World Review Israeli population centers in southern Israel have been the target of over 4,000 rockets, as well as thousands of mortar shells, fired by Hamas and other organizations since 2001. Rocket attacks increased by 500 percent after Israel withdrew completely from the Gaza Strip in August 2005. During an informal six-month lull, some 215 rockets were launched at Israel. The charge that Israel uses disproportionate force Continue Reading

Hamas says won’t extend truce with Israel

From News Yahoo Two Hamas officials said the Islamic group would not extend a six-month truce with the Israelis as militants in the Gaza Strip fired rockets at southern Israel and Israel hit back with airstrikes Thursday. Hamas said previously that the cease-fire ends Friday, but Israel maintained the unwritten truce did not have an expiration date. Violence has already resumed, although at a lower level than before the truce took Continue Reading

New Israeli radar to pinpoint rocket launchers in preparation for conflict with Hamas

From JPost With an eye to a future conflict with Hamas and Hizbullah, the IDF's Artillery Corps is preparing to integrate a new radar system that will help locate and destroy rocket launchers more quickly than ever before, Chief Artillery Officer Brig.-Gen. Michel Ben-Baruch has told The Jerusalem Post. The radar will be operational within a few months. Under production by Elta Systems - a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries - the Continue Reading

Hamas Awaiting Fatah’s Collapse

From Israel National News The Hamas chapter in Hevron (Hebron) - a city largely under the control of the Fatah-run Palestinian Authority - says that the Fatah government must "not be talked with, but rather gotten rid of." In a declaration issued by the terrorist organization branch office in Hevron, Hamas states that the collapse of the Fatah regime in Judea and Samaria is "just a matter of time." So reports the Arabic-language daily Continue Reading

Hamas plotting West Bank takeover in early 2009

From World Tribune The Palestinian Authority has opted for a holding pattern rather than developing a strategy to block the opposition Hamas movement from seizing power in the West Bank. PA security sources said PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has refused to respond to appeals by senior officers to implement a range of measures to protect the Fatah-aligned regime from Hamas threats. "Abu Mazen [Abbas] is scared of Hamas," a senior source said. Continue Reading

Hamas chief: West Bank is ours

From World Net News Members of the Hamas terror group are the rightful representatives of the Palestinian people and should control the entire West Bank just as they rule the Gaza Strip, Mahmoud Al-Zahar, the Hamas chief in Gaza, told WND in an exclusive interview. "According to our rights, we are the elected majority, and a majority in a democracy should control all the Palestinian areas, whether in the West Bank or in the Gaza Strip. This Continue Reading