We only get one strike

From Jerusalem Post An Israeli attack on Iran seems inevitable. If it succeeds, it will return to Israel its deterrent power and send a clear message to the saber-rattling jihadists that they were too early in beginning the countdown for the disappearance of the Jewish state. If it fails, or fails to achieve the majority of its objectives, it could amount to an act of national suicide. Fanatical Muslims on every side will be encouraged by Continue Reading

Iran considers mandatory execution for apostasy – Christian converts face death penalty

A plan is being discussed by lawmakers in Iran that would require the death penalty for anyone who leaves Islam for Christianity or someone who promotes such a conversion even on the Internet, according to a new report from Compass Direct News. Those discussions of a penal code that was drafted earlier this year bring urgency to situations such as the two men arrested recently and under interrogation for that very crime, the report Continue Reading

Opec Warns War With Iran Would Cause ‘Unlimited’ Oil Price Hike

The head of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries warned Thursday that oil prices would see an "unlimited" increase in the case of a military conflict involving Iran, because the group's members would be unable to make up the lost production. "We really cannot replace Iran's production - it's not feasible to replace it," Abdalla Salem El-Badri, the OPEC secretary general, said during an interview. Iran, the second-largest Continue Reading

Rice says US will defend Israel/Gulf as Iran tests missiles

Condoleezza Rice flexed America's muscles in the Middle East Thursday, forcefully warning Iran the U.S. won't ignore threats and will take any action necessary to defend friends and interests in the Persian Gulf. A fresh Iranian missile test prompted a show of force from Israel as well. Rice said Iran's leaders should understand that Washington won't dismiss provocations from Tehran and has the ability to counter them. "I don't think the Continue Reading

Iran: Any attack on our nuclear facility will be beginning of war

Tehran will consider any military action against its nuclear facilities as the beginning of a war, Iran's official news agency IRNA reported Friday. The commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, General Mohammad Ali Jafari, was quoted as saying that any country that attacks Iran would regret doing so. According to the report, Jafari has warned that such a step would be the beginning of war. However, the general was also quoted as saying Continue Reading

Israel reassures West: No Iran attack in 2008

Israel has signaled the U.S. and other allies that air operations to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities are not imminent. Israeli leaders have sent messages to several Western countries that ruled out an attack on Teheran in 2008. Israel told the governments of Britain, France and the United States that the Jewish state would allow for yet another diplomatic effort to halt Iran's uranium enrichment program. "There has been alarm in some Continue Reading

How many missiles will be fired from Iran, Syria, Lebanon in the next war?

How many missiles will be fired from Iran, Syria and Lebanon against Israel in the next war? This question, as well as the various future war scenarios, was the subject of an enlightening lecture early in the week by the commander of the Israel Air Force from 1996 to 2000, Major General (res.) Eitan Ben Eliahu. His lecture surveyed the changes in Israel's national security doctrine amid the changing nature of wars, technology and the threats Continue Reading