Does Livni Share Olmert’s Plan To Give Away Golan, Most of Eastern Jerusalem?

From Israel National News Israel must give away the Golan Heights and most of eastern Jerusalem, outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said in an interview with the Hebrew daily newspaper Yediot Acharonot on Friday. Olmert has previously said he had not promised Syrian President Bashar Assad that Israel would end its sovereignty over the strategic Golan area, which was annexed to the Jewish State decades ago. However, in the weekend Continue Reading

Exodus 21:1-11; Judicial Laws: Matters between Man and Man; Thus did God provide for the comfort and reputation of the daughters of Israel, and has taught husbands to give honour to their wives as to the weaker vessel. B.C. 1491

Exodus Chapter 21 The laws recorded in this chapter relate to the fifth and sixth commandments; and though they are not accommodated to our constitution, especially in point of servitude, nor are the penalties annexed binding on us, yet they are of great use for the explanation of the moral law, and the rules of natural justice. Here are several enlargements, I. Upon the fifth commandment, which concerns particular relations. 1. The Continue Reading

CBS census: 75.6% of Israelis Jews

From YNet News The Central Bureau of Statistics published its census Wednesday, ahead of the High Holidays. According to the report, 2007 saw 7,243,600 residents living in Israel – a 1.8% increase from 2006. Some 75.6% are Jewish, and 20% are Arabs, other denominations make up 4.4% of the populous. Other figures in the report indicated that Israel welcomed 151,679 new babies in 2007 – a 2.4% increase. Jewish women have 3 children on Continue Reading

Exodus 15:1-21; Triumphant Song of the Israelites: An ancient song, the most ancient that we know of. The Lord is a Man of War, the Lord is His name. B.C. 1491

Exodus Chapter 15 In this chapter, I. Israel looks back upon Egypt with a song of praise for their deliverance. Here is, 1. The song itself, ver. 1-19. 2. The solemn singing of it, ver. 20, 21. II. Israel marches forward in the wilderness (ver. 22), and there, 1. Their discontent at the waters of Marah (ver. 23, 24), and the relief granted them, ver. 25, 26. 2. Their satisfaction in the waters of Elim, ver. 27. Triumphant Song Continue Reading

Exodus 13:1-10; The Sanctification of the Firstborn. The Firstborn, in all ages, were to be consecrated to God. B.C. 1491

Exodus Chapter 13 In this chapter we have, I. The commands God gave to Israel, 1. To sanctify all their firstborn to him, ver. 1, 2. 2. To be sure to remember their deliverance out of Egypt (v. 3, 4), and, in remembrance of it, to keep the feast of unleavened bread, ver. 5-7. 3. To transmit the knowledge of it with all possible care to their children, ver. 8-10. 4. To set apart unto God the firstlings of their cattle, (ver. 11-13), and to Continue Reading

Iran, Hizbullah, and the bomb

From YNet News Ronen Bergman is clearly irritated when he addresses the “intolerable chatter” of Israeli politicians on the prospects of an Iran strike. “You know the famous quote: ‘If you’re gonna shoot, shoot! Don’t talk!’” he says. “I think this approach we adopted of having to convince the world that it must ‘hold us back’ so we don’t attack Iran is delusional. The world knows we can do it, especially after the bombing of the Syrian site. Continue Reading

Olmert offers PA 98.1% of West Bank, proclaims an end to “Greater Israel”

From JPost Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has discussed with the Palestinians transferring to them 98.1 percent of the West Bank, Channel 2 reported on Sunday evening. The report on the ongoing negotiations was broadcast in advance of Tuesday's planned meeting between Olmert and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. The Prime Minister's Office declined to comment on the news item and said only that many such media reports had been Continue Reading

Livni’s limited mandate

From Reuters More people will arrive at the Yarkon Park to see Paul McCartney perform than the number of people who bothered to show up at poling stations in order to elect the person who may become Israel’s next prime minister. This is the bothersome fact that emerged from the Kadima primaries, which ended up culminating in a tight race. A total of 0.5% percent of the public – this is the mandate received by a leader during one of the most Continue Reading

Facebook – the new spying ground for Middle East conflict?

From Israel National News According to the intelligence community in Israel, Hizbullah terrorists are becoming increasingly computer savvy, using Facebook to learn more about IDF soldiers, potential targets for kidnappings. Yeshiva World News reported that IDF intelligence officials are concerned that soldiers may unwittingly give the enemy information through social networking sites or even arrange to meet an internet companion who is in Continue Reading

Is the era of mass immigration to Israel over?

From News Yahoo Melissa Schwab is no Zionist zealot. She's not an Orthodox Jew seeking to be nearer to God. She didn't flee anti-Semitism. So why move nearly 9,000 miles from her home in Hawaii and settle in life-on-the-edge Israel? Because, she says, she likes a lifestyle that is "secular and normal" while offering something "a bit more meaningful." The 26-year-old American student's decision to make "aliyah" — the Hebrew term for "going Continue Reading