Barak vows to hit ‘deep in Lebanon’ if Hizbullah attacks

From Daily Star Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak pledged "very tough" Israeli retaliation to any attack by Hizbullah, vowing to target areas "deep in Lebanon" Lebanese daily An-Nahar reported this week. Barak warned against an "intimate relation" between Hizbullah and Syria saying it could lead into distorting the balance of power in Lebanon, "which would lead Israel to retaliate." Meanwhile, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported on Thursday Continue Reading

Temple Institute enlisting hundreds of teens for advancement of Third Temple

From YNet News Mourning over the destruction of Jerusalem is normal in the month of Av, but at the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faith Movement all focus is on the “big day” - the day in which the Third Temple will be built. As part of the preparations, hundreds of teenagers are expected to sign the “Temple Treaty” and to proclaim, “We commit to doing everything in our power to abide by this commandment and to devote at least half an hour a Continue Reading

Israel adopts U.S. plan to split nation into 2

From WND A detailed proposal for the creation of a Palestinian state that reportedly was presented by Israel to the Palestinian Authority in recent weeks was heavily influenced by the U.S. and is largely based on an American-drafted plan, WND has learned. Israel's Haaretz newspaper reported yesterday Prime Minister Ehud Olmert handed to PA President Mahmoud Abbas a plan for an Israeli withdrawal from most of the strategic West Bank and for Continue Reading

Temple Institute holds first ‘crimson worm’ harvest in 2000 years to prepare priestly garments

From Temple Institute The return of the children of Israel to the land of Israel continues to inspire the rediscovery of ancient scientific, cultural and practical knowledge, all necessary for the reemerging sovereign nation of Israel, the rebuilding of the Holy Temple, and the renewal of the Divine service. The Temple Institute plays a formidable role in these efforts as the recreation and renewal of Temple vessels and priestly garments Continue Reading

Muslims fear Jewish preparation of rebuilt temple as Temple Life seminars begin across country

From JPost A brief course offered by the Chabad Hassidim about the Temple endangers the Aksa Mosque, Islamic Movement spokesman Zahi Nujidat said Tuesday. The three-part seminar, which is being held this week and next week at some 200 Chabad Houses throughout the country, comes less than two weeks before Tisha Be'av, which marks the destruction of the Temple. "We view this as a serious and drastic move toward the fruition of extremist Continue Reading

Barak secures missile alert system from US: We’ll be much safer within months

From YNet News After a series of meetings with top US officials in Washington, Defense Minister Ehud Barak appeared optimistic as to the improvement of Israel's anti-missile defense systems. After some lobbying on Barak's part, the American officials pledged Israel would be connected to the global US system, capable of detecting an impending attack while the missile's engine is just heating up. Israel is primarily intent on obtaining Continue Reading

Kadima officials fear new leader won’t be able to form gov’t, Olmert could remain in power until March

From Haaretz A day after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced he would bow out of his party's September leadership contest and then step down, Kadima officials have said they believe the next head of the party will have a difficult time assembling an alternative government in the current Knesset. If the next Kadima leader cannot organize a new government, then Olmert could remain in office until the next general elections, scheduled for March Continue Reading

Official: Olmert to seek Palestinian peace deal before leaving office

From Haartetz Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will try to reach an agreement in peace talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas before a new government takes office, an official close to the premier told Reuters on Thursday. Olmert announced on Wednesday that he would not run in his centrist Kadima party's September 17 leadership contest and would resign to allow his successor to form a new government. Until then, Olmert will remain caretaker Continue Reading

After swap, Israel fears Hezbollah will escalate tensions in North

From Haaretz Israel and Hezbollah completed the prisoner swap Wednesday: Hezbollah returned the bodies of abducted Israel Defense Forces soldiers Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, while Israel handed over terrorist Samir Kuntar and four Hezbollah militants, as well as 197 bodies. Now that the exchange has taken place, the Israeli defense establishment is worried that Hezbollah may seek a calculated escalation along the Lebanese border, and Continue Reading

Israeli critics question lopsided prisoner swap

From News.Yahoo Critics of Israel's lopsided prisoner exchange with Lebanese guerrillas said Wednesday that such deals only encourage more hostage-taking - a fear underscored by Gaza militants who said the swap proves that kidnapping is the only language Israel understands. The deal, in which a notorious Lebanese attacker, four other militants and the bodies of 199 Arab fighters were traded for two dead Israeli soldiers, closed a painful Continue Reading