Bethlehem to Host Church Conference Which Demonizes Israel

From Israel National News.Com Next March, the Bible College in Bethlehem will host dozens of US theologians, activists and ministries for the “Christ at the Checkpoint 2012 Conference”. It is to be a major religious and political event meant to demonize Israel and to support the Palestinian Intifada against the “ethnocentric” Jewish State. The impressive range of Christian theologians and pastors from many churches located in the Continue Reading

Looming Destruction: Will Jews Ever Learn?

From American Thinker.Com January 8, 2012 By Victor Sharpe On the eve of the Second World War, Chaim Weizmann, who was to become Israel's first president, wrote the following about the persecutions taking place in Nazi Germany: It would require the eloquence of a Jeremiah to picture the horrors, the human anguish, of this new Destruction and of a new book of Lamentations to depict the present plight of Israel among the Continue Reading

If Israel Falls, There Will Be Hell to Pay

From American Thinker.Com January 3, 2012 Neil Snyder Misinformation about Israel and her dealings with her Arab neighbors abounds.  Even highly regarded news sources are prone to publish articles that are full of bogus "facts."  For instance, an article in Tuesday's BBC by Martin Asser titled "Obstacles to peace: Borders and settlements" is loaded with factual errors, and the title itself points to the two most disturbing Continue Reading

The NGOs that stole Christmas

From American Thinker.Com December 28, 2011 Ethel C. Fenig Non Government Organization Monitor which, as it name implies, monitors private, non government organizations (NGO's) working in Israel,  researched and reported how the NGOs stole Christmas in Israel. And how did they do that?  By taking the holiday's theme of love and one of the foundations of Christianity and twisting it into hate and lies. The Christmas season Continue Reading

The Righteous Israeli

From American Thinker.Com December 4, 2011 By Eileen F. Toplansky Since beginning to write for the American Thinker, I have "met" some incredible people via e-mail.  I was recently sent this letter that reflects the poignant thoughts of an Israeli citizen-soldier who must battle the physical toll of incessant war, as well as the ongoing assault by an indifferent world that cries crocodile tears, all the while ignoring genuine Continue Reading

Palestinian Identity Theft

From American Thinker.Com November 6, 2011 By Jerold S. Auerbach Identity theft, in most jurisdictions, is a punishable offense.  But in the United Nations, Palestinians are free -- indeed, encouraged -- to rob Israel of its history, heritage, and homeland. At times the United Nations seems to exist for no reason other than to stoke Palestinian fantasies.  UNRWA, its benevolent Relief and Works Agency created solely for Continue Reading

Netanyahu lobbying cabinet for Iran attack: Haaretz

From American Thinker.Com November 2, 2011 Rick Moran The story in Israel's leading liberal newspaper sounds pretty solid. And, given the circumstances, makes total sense. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak are trying to muster a majority in the cabinet in favor of military action against Iran, a senior Israeli official has said. According to the official, there is a "small advantage" in the cabinet Continue Reading

Hamas Releases Gilad Shalit after Five Years of Captivity

From Flash Traffic Blog Wordpress.Com HAMAS RELEASES GILAD SHALIT AFTER FIVE YEARS OF CAPTIVITY by joelcrosenberg Gilad Shalit speaks with his family by phone moments after being released Tuesday. (photo credit: Reuters) Millions of Israelis are rejoicing today after one of their beloved sons has been returned home after being held hostage for more than five years by the Hamas terrorist group. IDF soldier Gilad Continue Reading

One Thousand for One Confirms the Jewish Value of Life

From American Thinker.Com October 13, 2011 By JanSuzanne Krasner "If all goes according to plan, Gilad will be returning to Israel in the coming days." These were the words spoken by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu after meeting with his cabinet advisors through the early hours of Wednesday morning, October 12.  But it was only a few days earlier, in public forums and press statements, that Hamas leaders began threatening Continue Reading

Hamas: Expect More Attacks in Israeli Cities

From Israel National News.Com Halil al-Hiya said that “the time has come to strike at the heart of the enemy's territory so that our prisoners do not feel abandoned.” Al-Hiya, speaking at a rally in Gaza supporting hunger strikes several terrorists held by Israel have undertaken recently, said that the current situation, in which mass terror attacks in Israeli cities have diminished significantly from their levels just a few years ago, Continue Reading