Hizbullah agents taking up positions in Lebanon’s Christian areas

From World Tribune.Com The Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah has been quietly infiltrating Christian areas of Lebanon in what could mark preparations for a coup. Lebanese sources said Hizbullah has been penetrating Christian towns along the Mediterranean Sea in what could lead to an attempt to overthrow the government of Prime Minister Saad Hariri. They said thousands of Hizbullah plainclothes operatives were moving into homes and hotels in Continue Reading

Israel threatens to destroy hostile Lebanese border positions

From Debka.Com Israel has handed Lebanon an ultimatum. Before a line can be drawn on the Lebanese-Israeli conflict which flared Tuesday, Aug. 3, the Lebanese Army 9th Brigade commander responsible for sending snipers to shoot at Israeli troops clearing brush on their side of the border and killing Lt. Col. (Res.) Dov Harari, must be dismissed or court-martialed, debkafile's military sources report. This burst of Lebanese sniper fire Continue Reading

Israel’s best intentions may not be enough to avert war in Lebanon

From Haaretz.Com On Thursday, Lebanon marked five years since the last Syrian troops left the country. Next month, it will mark 10 years since Israel withdrew from south Lebanon. But despite these important anniversaries of events that ostensibly bolstered Lebanon's independence, the Lebanese are apprehensive. Not a day has passed in recent weeks without a Lebanese or foreign Arab media outlet bringing up the fear that Israel intends to Continue Reading

Analysis: Lebanon: Conflict Widens to Syria

From Gloria-Centre Analysis: Lebanon: Conflict Widens to Syria By Jonathan Spyer * January 31, 2010 In the last week, senior Israeli policymakers made statements of an uncharacteristically bellicose nature regarding Syria. It is unlikely that these statements were made because of sudden random irritation toward Israel's hostile northeastern neighbor.  Rather, the statements probably constituted part of a message of deterrence to Continue Reading

Hezbollah’s Delusions

From Gloria-Centre.Org Hezbollah's Delusions By Jonathan Spyer * December 9, 2009 The latest events in Lebanon offer an image in miniature of larger regional developments. The Iranian-backed Shi'ite Islamist movement Hezbollah is pursuing a long-term strategy intended to eventually deliver Lebanon into its hands. In the short term, the greater commitment of the movement's cadres and its public is delivering impressive results. But at Continue Reading

Analysis: The Domino Effect

From Gloria-Centre.Org Analysis: The Domino Effect By Jonathan Spyer * December 24, 2009 Lebanese Prime Minister Sa'ad Hariri's December 19 visit to Damascus is the latest marker in the return of the coercive Syrian presence in Lebanon. It is also an indication of Syria's successful defiance of the west. Hariri's ritual gesture of supplication to Bashar al-Assad in Damascus was the inevitable adjustment of the leader of a small Continue Reading

Hittites – 13 Centuries B.C. – An Ancient People

Joshua 1:4 From the wilderness and this Lebanon to the great river Euphrates, all the land of the Hittites [meaning Canaan], and to the Great [Mediterranean] Sea on the west shall be your territory. Although the Hittites are mentioned 48 times in the Bible, some critics long refused to accept the possibility or at least the probability of the importance of such an ancient people. But archaeological discoveries of the twentieth century have Continue Reading

Zechariah 10:5-12; Evangelical Promises; Encouraging Prospects; Note, The Church of Christ is a growing body, as long as it is in the present state of minority, till it comes to the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ; It shall spread to distant places; It shall last to future ages; The Church shall not be ‘res unius aetatis–a temporary thing,’ but a seed in it shall serve the Lord. B.C. 510

Evangelical Promises; Encouraging Prospects. B. C. 510. Zechariah 10:5-12 5 And they shall be as mighty men, which tread down their enemies in the mire of the streets in the battle: and they shall fight, because the LORD is with them, and the riders on horses shall be confounded.   6 And I will strengthen the house of Judah, and I will save the house of Joseph, and I will bring them again to place them; for I have mercy Continue Reading

White House on Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing–Can’t Remember Who Murdered 241 Americans

From Gloria-Centre.Org White House on Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing--Can't Remember Who Murdered 241 Americans If you find these articles useful and interesting, please read and subscribe to Barry Rubin's blog, Rubin Reports, at <http://www.rubinreports.blogspot.com>: The White House has just released a very routine but still quite disturbing declaration by President Barack Obama. And it goes like this: "On the anniversary of the Continue Reading

The Unfinished War

From Gloria-Centre.Org The Unfinished War By Jonathan Spyer * October 15, 2009 ATTENTION WEBMASTERS.  You are welcome to post this entire article as long as you give a direct link to the article on our site and to http://www.gloria-center.org The explosion in the south Lebanese village of Tayr Felseir offers the latest evidence of the way in which Hizbullah is rebuilding its infrastructure following the Second Lebanon War in 2006. Continue Reading