Terrorist Syria seeks spot on Human Rights Council

From KHouse.Org TERRORIST SYRIA SEEKS SPOT ON HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL The world has no lack of totalitarian regimes that slaughter their own people. We are hardly surprised to read about the oppression and cruelty suffered by millions around the world. The irony strikes us, however, when these regimes intend to join the United Nations Human Rights Council. Like ivory hunters gathered at the elephant's anti-poaching club, terror and human Continue Reading

‘Responsibility to Protect?’ I call bull on that

From American Thinker.Com April 23, 2011 'Responsibility to Protect?' I call bull on that President Assad's troops in Syria are literally gunning down hundreds of protestors in the streets - as bad behavior as we saw with Gaddafi. And yet, the R2P advocates appear to have lost their voice - a collective case of laryngitis. BBC: At least 72 protesters have been killed by security forces in Syria, rights groups say - the highest Continue Reading

Assad’s Taqiyya Against His People

From American Thinker.ComApril 22, 2011 Assad's Taqiyya Against His People By Walid Phares Although the origins of al-Taqiyya are found in fundamentalist Islamic dogma regarding propaganda, Ba'athists and other authoritarian regimes in the region have used the practice for decades.  In short, once widespread opposition to his one-party regime became evident, Bashar Assad needed to shield himself Continue Reading

Assad’s thugs continue to shoot down unarmed protestors in the streets

From American Thinker.Com April 19, 2011 Assad's thugs continue to shoot down unarmed protestors in the streets Rick Moran Obama and the UN are being exposed as titanic hypocrites. There's no other way to put it after reports surfaced yesterday that President Assad's quasi-military goons are shooting down protestors in the city of Homs. The Washington Post: Syrian security forces fired at thousands of protesters early Tuesday in Continue Reading

President Bashar al-Assad’s Strategic Mistake

From American Thinker.Com April 17, 2011 President Bashar al-Assad's Strategic Mistake By Patrick J Howie As the wave of unrest rolls across Africa and the Middle East, the leaders of each country must decide how to deal with the call for democratic reforms.  We have already seen a variety of responses, from Mubarak's attempt at appeasement to Ahmadinejad's swift and certain crackdown.  Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, has tried Continue Reading

First panic in Assad regime: High Syrian officials evacuate families

From Debka.Com Damascus was alive with rumors Thursday, April 14 that President Bashar Assad and his family were preparing to flee to Saudi Arabia. They were, sparked by the discovery that several high-ranking Syrian officials and army officers were evacuating their families from the capital to Persian Gulf emirates. US intelligence officials also disclosed that Iran was secretly helping Assad crack down on his own people, providing Continue Reading

Syrian Dictator Bashar al-Assad Sends an Email to President Obama

From Rubin Reports.Blogspot.Com Syrian Dictator Bashar al-Assad Sends an Email to President Obama Posted: 03 Apr 2011 12:16 PM PDT By Barry Rubin The following email was recently received by the White House: Dear President Obama: My name is Bashar al-Assad. Not long ago my father died and left me an entire country in his will. It is a very valuable property but I am trying to market it internationally. If you would be willing Continue Reading

The Syrian Time Bomb

From Foreign Policy.Com While one war rages in Libya, another rages in Washington as to the necessity of U.S. action there. Indeed, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said as much this weekend, noting that Libya was not a "vital national interest." But if Washington is looking for an Arab state in the throes of unrest, one that is key to its regional and national interests, planners might want to pay more attention to Syria, which is currently Continue Reading

If Assad Falls, Who Wins in Syria?

From American Thinker.Com April 01, 2011 If Assad Falls, Who Wins in Syria? By Neil Snyder Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad took to the airwaves on Wednesday and addressed the Syrian people from the parliament.  He told them that Israel and Western powers including the United States are fomenting unrest in his country and trying to topple his regime.  According to Assad, "Plots are being hatched against our country ... Saboteurs are Continue Reading

Assad: Fooled us twice, shame on us

From American Thinker.Com March 31, 2011 Assad: Fooled us twice, shame on us Peggy Shapiro With slight of hand and a conman's misdirection, Syria's tyrant Bashar Assad wined and dined U.S. Representatives in his elegant offices, and the naïve and willingly gullible Americans fell for it, and continue falling and falling. A few years back, while courting the suave Assad, the fawning Americans failed to notice what was going on Continue Reading