Deuteronomy 27:1-10; The Exhibition of the Law; For the helping of their memories, that they might not forget the law as a strange thing; They must write all the words of this law upon stones; A general charge to the people to keep God’s commandments; for in vain did they know them, unless they would do them; Note, All that have any interest in others, or power over them, should use it for the support and furtherance of religion among them; Though the supreme power of a nation provide ever so good laws for this purpose, if inferior magistrates in their places, and ministers in theirs, and masters of families in theirs, do not execute their offices, it will be to little effect; They must set up an altar; By the words of the law which were written upon the plaster, God spoke to them; by the altar, and the sacrifices offered upon it, they spoke to God; and thus was communion kept up between them and God; The word and prayer must go together. B.C. 1451

D E U T E R O N O M Y CHAPTER 27. Moses having very largely and fully set before the people their duty, both to God and one another, in general and in particular instances,--having shown them plainly what is good, and what the law requires of them,--and having in the close of the foregoing chapter laid them under the obligation both of the command and the covenant, he comes in this chapter to prescribe outward means, I. For the helping Continue Reading