Erdoğan and the Long Shadow of Lepanto

From American Thinker.Com October 2, 2011 By James G. Wiles Sign of the times: on September 27, according to the McClatchey newspapers, Turkey took delivery of a spanking new warship, the TCG Heybeliada.  The 300-foot corvette is the first in modern times built in Turkey's own shipyards.  A sister ship is reportedly undergoing sea trials. In an unusual move, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdoğan attended the ceremony and Continue Reading

Israeli Ambassador Confirms: Erdogan ‘Hates Us Religiously’

From American Thinker.Com August 25, 2011 Andrew G. Bostom The progressive dismantling of Turkey's experiment in Westernization/ secularization -- which began within a decade of Ataturk's death -- came to popular, if ugly, fruition with the election of the Necmettin Erbakan government in the early 1990s. Erbakan was a full-throated, unapologetic promulgator of mainstream, "sacralized" Islamic Jew-hatred.  The modern fundamentalist Continue Reading

The Jihad Against the Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek Christians

From American Thinker.Com August 7, 2011 By Janet Levy See also: The Persecution of Christians in the Middle East In Germany, where Holocaust denial is punishable by up to five years in prison, Stuttgart University recently capitulated to pressure from resident Turkish Muslims and canceled an event entitled, "Persecution, Expulsion and Annihilation of Christians in the Ottoman Empire 1912-1922." Ironically, this occurred in a Continue Reading

Erdogan: Imprisoning Turkish Generals — and Ending Secularism

From American Thinker.Com June 29, 2011 Andrew G. Bostom Turkey  continues its regression to full re-Islamization -- a process already begun within a decade of Ataturk's death in 1938 -- and about to be fully realized under the fundamentalist Erdogan regime. Shredding the Turkish Constitution, which institutionalized Turkey's harshly imposed secularism by assigning the military as "protectors of the secular order," there are now more Continue Reading

Turkey’s PM Erdogan: Hamas is not a terror group

From American Thinker.Com May 12, 2011 Turkey's PM Erdogan: Hamas is not a terror group NATO-member Turkey, which came close to gaining membership in the EU, is accelerating its slide into Islamism. Its  Prime Minister  Recep Tayyip Erdogan last night told PBS's Charlie Rose Show: "Let me give you a very clear message, I don't see Hamas as a terror organization. Hamas is a political party -- it emerged as a political party that Continue Reading

Activists: New Gaza flotilla in final planning stages

From Haaretz.Com Pro-Palestinian activists said on Tuesday that they are in the final stages of organizing their sea convoy to the Gaza Strip, which is planned to be much bigger than last year's flotilla, which was raided by Israeli forces. Eight Turks and one Turkish-American died in the botched commando operation on a Turkish boat, the Mavi Marmara, that was part of the flotilla on May 31, 2010. The incident drew world attention to Continue Reading

Turkish Delight

From American Thinker.Com April 26, 2011 Turkish Delight James G. Wiles The Islamist government of Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has just been invited by the Person Who Does Not Like to Be Referred to as the Leader of the Free World to expand Turkey's role in the Middle East. Ankara has to be delighted. The Levant, until 1919, was part of the national territory of the Turkish Republic's predecessor state, the Ottoman Continue Reading

2 Articles; Turkey: Less Democracy But An Alternative; * Why Moderate Arabs Are Horrified at Obama Administration Policy

From Rubin Reports.Blogspot.Com Turkey: Less Democracy But An Alternative Posted: 26 Mar 2011 09:40 PM PDT By Barry Rubin For several years I've been telling you that under its current Islamist regime, Turkey has become less and less of a democratic state. Hundreds of peaceful dissidents have been arrested, thrown in prison, and accused of seeking to overthrow the government violently when there is no real evidence. Continue Reading

Turkey May Be Biggest Winner Of Middle East Unrest

From YNet News.Com For the moment, Turkey seems to be a major winner in the midst of the unrest in the Mideastern and North African Muslim world. This is not a result of anything it has done, but derives largely from the loss of power of other nations. As far as population is concerned, there are three major nations in the Middle East – Turkey, Iran and Egypt, each with 70-80 million inhabitants. Saudi Arabia has a substantially higher Continue Reading

4 Articles; * A Terrorist Promoting Mosque In Washington DC * New York Times’ Promoting Muslim Brotherhood; Hilary Clinton Promoting al-Jazira: It’s Beyond Satire! * Iran: Regime Escalates Repression. Where’s The International Reaction? * Turkey Bans Blogspot in Legal Dispute

From Rubin Reports.Blogspot.Com A Terrorist Promoting Mosque In Washington DC New York Times' Promoting Muslim Brotherhood; Hilary Clinton Promoting al-Jazira: It's Beyond Satire! Iran: Regime Escalates Repression. Where's The International Reaction? Turkey Bans Blogspot in Legal Dispute A Terrorist Promoting Mosque In Washington DC Posted: 03 Mar 2011 07:21 PM PST By Barry Continue Reading