Teenage Would-Be Suicide Bomber Promises to Strike Again

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April 05, 2011

Teenage Would-Be Suicide Bomber Promises to Strike Again

M Catharine Evans

Another deadly attack carried out at a Sufi shrine in central Pakistan killed 42 worshipers and injured a hundred others this past Sunday. Fida Hussain, a 14-year old, was arrested at the site when his vest full of explosives failed to detonate.

The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. One of the largest and most well-organized militant groups in the country considers worship at shrines as “a deviation from Islam,” and is known for recruiting children as young as 8 in suicide attacks.
Young boys, often with little or no education, are often used by the Taliban as suicide bombers. As well as being less suspicious, terrorism analysts say their handlers find it easier to persuade them to carry out suicide missions.

A video “Children of the Taliban” released on YouTube weeks ago gives a chilling glimpse into the indoctrination methods used by the Islamic terrorists. As the teenage Hussain was being led away by the police on Sunday he demonstrated how brainwashed these children truly are:
Let me go, I want to be a martyr. I want to send all you policemen to hell…You all are accomplices of the enemies of Islam who are bent upon eliminating Islam and Muslims…If I get a chance, I will again strike as a suicide bomber.

Radical Islamic murderers turn children into killing machines all under the guise of religious law. Yet, General Petraeus and officials from NATO recently condemned the burning of a Koran in Florida, and kowtowed to the Taliban in Afghanistan who issued the statement “we cannot accept this un-Islamic act.”

President Obama also weighed in saying that the burning of the Koran was “an extreme act of violence and bigotry.” When will these world leaders grow a backbone and stop walking on eggshells around rampaging Islamic terrorists who use children as suicide bombers? Since when is burning a book “violence and bigotry” when compared to 8-year olds being primed to kill innocents and blow themselves up at the same time?

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