The Bible

“I have written to him the great things of my law, but they were counted as a
strange thing.” Hosea 8:12

Suggested Further Reading: 2 Peter 1:16-21

Who is the author of it? Do these men jointly claim the authorship? Are they
the compositors of this massive volume? Do they between themselves divide the
honour? Our holy religion answers, No! This volume is the writing of the
living God: each letter was penned with an Almighty finger; each word in it
dropped from the everlasting lips, each sentence was dictated by the Holy
Spirit. Albeit, that Moses was employed to write his histories with his fiery
pen, God guided that pen. It may be that David touched his harp and let sweet
psalms of melody drop from his fingers, but God moved his hands over the
living strings of his golden harp. It may be that Solomon sang canticles of
love, or gave forth words of consummate wisdom, but God directed his lips, and
made the preacher eloquent. If I follow the thundering Nahum when his horses
plough the waters, or Habbakuk when he sees the tents of Cushan in affliction;
if I read Malachi, when the earth is burning like an oven; if I turn to the
smooth page of John, who tells of love, or the rugged fiery chapters of Peter,
who speaks of the fire devouring God’s enemies; if I turn to Jude, who
launches forth curses upon the foes of God, everywhere I find God speaking: it
is God’s voice, not man’s; the words are God’s words, the words of the
Eternal, the Invisible, the Almighty, the Jehovah of this earth. This Bible is
God’s Bible; and when I see it, I seem to hear a voice springing up from it,
saying, “I am the book of God: man, read me. I am God’s writing: open my leaf,
for I was penned by God; read it, for he is my author, and you will see him
visible and manifest everywhere.”

For meditation: We all have our favourite Bible writers and passages, but we
must never limit ourselves to them, otherwise we will miss some of the great
things God has said.

Sermon no. 15 / 19 March (Preached 18 March 1855)  – Charles Spurgeon

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