The End of the Old Testament: Malachi

Summary of Malachi
Date and place: written in Palestine about 557-525 B.C.
Author: Malachi the prophet – one of the three prophets after the exile, the others being Haggai, and Zechariah.
Proof of authorship: we have the testimony of the book itself that Malachi wrote it [1:1]

Theme: accusations from God and denials from Israel that He is rightfully accusing them of evil.
There are 14 statements of accusations from God and 10 rebellious answers from Israel [p. 925].

One of the greatest evidences of backsliding is a person’s HYPER-CRITICAL SPIRIT, his readiness to question everything, even God’s own statements, and his willingness to find fault with everybody, even the Lord.

The book of Malachi is a rebuke against the many sins of Israel, of which 32 are listed therein.[col.1] .

The prophet pronounces the moral judgment of God upon the exiles returning from Babylon more than Haggai and Zechariah do.

Furthermore, his book contains some of the most wonderful prophecies we have of the 1st and 2nd advent [3:1-5], and of the ministry of Elijah and Enoch preceding the 2nd advent [3:17-4:6].

Purpose: to rebuke the returning exiles for their many sins; to point out to them, at the very outset of their return and restoration as a nation, that God would not tolerate their sins anymore than He did the sins of their fathers [for which they went into ruin, destruction as a nation, and captivity]: to warn them of coming judgment if they would continue in sin; and to reveal to them certain events of the future in connection with the Messiah at His 1st and 2nd advents.

– Dake’s A.R.B. – Page 927.

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