The Existence of the Tabernacle

Exodus 25:37
And you shall make the lamps of the [lampstand] to include a seventh one [at the top of the shaft]. [The priests] shall set up the [seven] lamps of it, so they may give light in front of it.

Certain Biblical critics in the past doubted the existence of the tabernacle, and asserted that the concept of a sevenfold lamp was unknown until hundreds of years later, in Babylonian times [600 B.C.].

The first objective evidence to the contrary came to hand in W.F. Albright’s excavation of ‘Tell Beit Mirsim,’ south of Jerusalem, where he found seven-sprouted lamps from about 1200 B.C.

Our seventh season at Dothan yielded three sevenfold lamps from the period 1200-1400 B.C., showing again that this was not a late idea [Joseph P. Free in ‘New Eastern Archaeology, condensed].
– The Amplified Bible: page 99

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