The Self-Exultation of Pride

Prophetic Word by the Spirit of Grace

1 Samuel 15:17
And Samuel said, When thou was little in thine own sight, wast thou not made the head of the tribes of Israel, and the Lord anointed you King over Israel? [Dake A.R.B.]

For thus saith the Lord:
What more could I have done to disclose My approval towards you? My glory that rose upon you, the honor, the anointing, the prosperity, wisdom and knowledge; confirming My Word with signs and wonders, giving you power over all the power of your enemies?

You spoke with trembling before me, seeking Me eagerly, often; asking counsel before undertaking even the most menial of tasks, utterly reliant upon Me, walking with Me in close proximity, enveloped in My glory and love.

When you were little in your own sight and obeyed My commandments unconditionally; you owned My Cause and I owned your endeavors, crowning you with honor and majesty; and yet, after all of this, you have forgotten Me, when I multiplied your small beginnings and enlarged your borders: then you ate and were filled, forbearing to remember that I alone Am He that giveth you power to get wealth, and not your own might, power or ability can procure any good thing without Me.

Your heart was lifted up in pride and self-exultation, relying upon yourself and you personal ability, thereby disqualifying yourself from the fulfillment of My promises to you. You turned aside from Me and though you still continued My work with a form of Godliness you denied the power thereof, wrongly assuming that it was because of yourself that you had power, yet it was not because of you, but in spite of you.

You sought your own honor more than Mine, for in giving you power I expected you to use the power for the advancement of My Kingdom. To whom much is given, much more will be demanded in return, with a severer obligation in showing obedience.

It is inexcusable to seek profit for yourself and thereby destroy My honor; in defiance of conviction you constantly justify yourself, instead of judging yourself and thus avert being judged; your heart being so impenitent that you refuse to confess your own sin, laying the blame upon everyone else except where it truly belongs, before the door of your stubbornness and rebelliousness.

And now, day by day with a spirit of burning and a spirit of conviction I earnestly seek to change your mind and attitude before destruction overwhelms you with shame and sorrow; alas, you have become so intent upon self-enrichment, to the exclusion of all else that your spiritual ears became deaf, and your spiritual eyes blinded to the true condition of your true state, losing your true direction.

You continuously provoke Me with your willful disobedience, wiser in your own esteem and deliberately pitting your will against Mine. By refusing My rule you make yourself unfit to rule over men; degrading justice with your wrath and bitterness by rejecting those righteous ones who would not yield to your domination and manipulation.

Even at this late hour it is not too late to return to Me, for why should you destroy yourself for that which does not profit you, that which the thief enters in to steal, that which the moth and rust corrupts.

If you come with humbleness and sincerity, bringing every high thought into captivity and subjection to My Will, I will then speedily deliver you from the snare of the fowler and reverse my decision purposed against you.

Consider carefully, though our relationship be interrupted, the barrier separating us can only be restored by you. You must be willing to do My Will, which will be regarded as a true expression of obedience which I will not fail to honor. – Sage

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