Tracking the Future of the Nations: America

Tracking the Future of the Nations: America

The man of color chosen as President, Barak Hussein Obama, will be a ‘Successful Failure’ due to the fact that as Pharaoh was merely a chosen instrument, so he too, is a chosen instrument, chosen to show forth God’s power and might to his own destruction, as Pharaoh in ancient times experienced.

The world waited with bated breath for Barak Hussein Obama to take the centre stage and prove his mettle, that he did, and more, as the self adoration reflected in his eyes became more and more evident with each passing day and one can almost see him applaud himself in his own mind!

“When I am President!” Emboldened by his own self-importance, with immediate effect, he set about wooing and courting the nations of the world in an attempt to curry favor with Moslem, Christian, Jew and Atheist alike.

In my humble opinion, though the entire world be deceived by this imposter, there yet remains one nation that he is unable to persuade, the Nation of Israel! This Nation has the God-given ability and sense to determine who their friends will be, and for all intents and purposes they knew from the beginning that this would be no friend of theirs.

Tracking the Future of Nations will give a definite indication of that which is to befall the various nations of the world as shown to me, and with the preliminaries over, let me begin with specific events which will follow in the course of time, some sooner than others.

Earthquakes: There will be three major earthquakes in America, one greater than the other two. One is imminent, without much warning or enough time to escape, and the greatest that this present world has seen.

Mass murders, family suicides, and suicides will become the norm of the day, foreigners will be targeted and once again it will be black against white as the unemployment escalates. The food reserves set up by the Fed Government will swiftly diminish and eventually it will be distributed to the rich and or retained for the self-preservation of a minority.

Droughts, floods, tornados, hurricanes and natural disasters will overwhelm this nation and as they look to import food, they will find that no nation will relinquish that which they have stored up. It will become a matter of each nation for itself.

Lawlessness and iniquity will abound as this ‘nation in turmoil’ resorts to regular rioting and civil unrest. Eventually, in time to come, even the military might, and police force will be amongst those that riot as the last semblance of normality dwindles away. The rich especially will be singled out for destruction and the beggar from the dunghill will be the one that judges. A definite shift of power will come into play. Clearly those that showed no mercy must not expect to receive mercy in this situation.

This may appear to be an impossibility to some, yet there is a God in Heaven that reveals secrets, and sooner than later He confirms the word of His servants and performs the counsel of His messengers.

God warns before He judges, and there is a window period to search for Him whilst He is to be found. Perhaps this is the time for America to fall down upon her knees and recognize that God repays in exact proportion to each man according to his actions, and that it is not the terrorist activities that should be feared as much as the divine judgment of God.

‘Say unto the righteous that it will be well with them, but there is no rest for the wicked’ – Sylvia Harris-Compton

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