Tracking the Future of the Nations: South Africa

Tracking the Future of the Nations: South Africa

The silent war in South Africa continues unabated and little by little the bread basket of this nation is being diminished as the farmers are being targeted and murdered.

Families, black and white, face violent hi-jacking, home intrusion, rape and murder. This has become normality and is no longer of interest to the news media because of the frequency thereof.

Of all the nations of the world, only Israel and South Africa have made a blood covenant with God, and being of such a nature that the forefathers, who faced imminent death at the ‘Battle of Blood River’, made a Covenant with God wherein they vowed to serve Him if He would give them victory in said battle. Serve Him they did, and as the memory of time faded, so too did the promise of the forefathers become a distant memory as morals and godliness gradually eroded and the love of many waxed cold until eventually God was remembered and kept as a sign and served as a mere formality and not as the King of kings.

However, this Nation is faced with danger from the North, black and white are at threat and oblivious to the imminent danger looming on the horizon. From the North many strange people will invade this land and because of the vastness of the largely unprotected borders they will enter stealthily and remain undetected for a set time.

Plagues and diseases do not recognize borders and these are ushered in by man, the wind, water, air-borne and rivers. There will be unheard of plagues, new diseases and old that will become untreatable. The WHO will lift their hands in despair as they are overwhelmed with countless plagues, one following upon another.

Civil disorder will rear its head and ethnic violence, (imagine Rwanda,) will grip this nation, and who I pray will lift a hand to help? Except the voice of the world, after the fact, to condemn the event strongly!

By and large South Africa has a history of having many more poor than wealthy, and sooner than later the voice of the people will be heard in this nation, the inequality of balance will not prevail for an undetermined length of time and those that enrich themselves at the expense of the poor will be called to account when they rise up and single them out with one accord.

The white South Africans ought to rethink their general view of the black population, the sum of the good far outweigh the minority of criminals, and alas, this minority is an obvious stain upon all of them. However, one must, in a Christian way, treat those whom one encounters with respect and dignity, as surely the day will arise when one may need their help, and help you they will. Has it occurred to any that there are those who merely want to live without fear, with decent wages, decent food on their table, sleeping in safety at night and educating their children? The majority of South African’s have lived in fear and terror of the night for decades as the criminal element held them captive, ransacking homes, murder, rape and indiscriminate hate crimes perpetrated at will.

The greatest secret war raging in South Africa at this time is the death of countless aids/hiv patients who have ARV’s withheld and a singular uncaring attitude towards them. Due to the complexity and nature of this illness, they do recognize it, but the actual person with hiv/aids will call it by any other name than what it actually is. The trend is to ostracize family members and friends who have this affliction and sadly these people suffer in silence and try as best they may to hide their illness.

South Africa, wake up! The enemy is at your door! Here is a brief window of opportunity opened to turn to God and cry grace and mercy! and the forgiveness of the sins of your fathers and forefathers. Turn to Him and keep on turning until every hindrance is removed, until the broken fellowship is restored. Choose this day to live and not to die, choose the unmerited favor that God so freely bestows on all those that call upon Him in sincerity and truth. – Sylvia Harris-Compton

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