Tracking the Future of the Nations: The Voice of the People

Tracking the Future of the Nations: The Voice of the People

The Stage of the World is Set: Enter the Abomination of Desolations

This wonderful world that we inhabit will never be the same and clearly this is the beginning of the ‘intolerable anguish’ of which we have been warned in Matthew 24 (Amplified Bible); the evidence thereof clearly visible as the earth groans and mourns under the weight of the abominations inflicted upon it.

God warns before He Punishes: Be warned and be aware that there is no doubt whatsoever that the future events recorded here will be accomplished in rapid succession: one calamity followed closely by another calamity, one woe followed closely by a far worse woe! When the inhabitants of the world think that nothing worse can happen, lo and behold, a far more destructive event will sweep across the nations of the world leaving devastation in its wake.

For a brief moment there will be silence, yes, the world will be silenced as people are bereft of speech; there is a sorrow that gives utterance, and a sorrow that stuns: the world as it is will momentarily be stunned, with eyes staring in disbelief and shock!

Then, and then only will the voice of the people be lifted in wailing and unutterable moaning: some cursing God Almighty on High, and some that shall cry unto the Lord on High for mercy and grace.

In that day the Voice of the People will prevail, no nation will be exempt from the sweeping plagues, the incurable diseases, new and unheard of plagues, taking the world by storm.

Rioting and destruction of infrastructures will become rife, escalating unprovoked violence will leave the nations trembling in fear, ethnic violence will become the norm in every nation of the world, the groan of civil unrest will echo in the four corners of the world; water resources will be diminished, earthquakes, floods, more destructive tornado’s, indiscriminate murders, suicides, entire family suicides, unspeakable sexual perversions inflicted upon mankind, mental diseases and insanity rendering many incoherent and wondering about aimlessly in the streets and byways of the world; Lawlessness and iniquity will abound more and more.

Nations will force out all the aliens in acts of self-preservation and all foreigners will be hunted down like animals and driven out with ruthless single-mindedness.

By far the worst of these desolations will be the shortage of water and food, setting the stage for cannibalism.

The governments and leaders of the world will be rendered powerless to prevent or stay the ultimate rage of the people; yes, the people of the world are angry, and that anger is visibly escalating to violent rage even now, as I write!

Yes, they will be incapable of halting the rage of the people, short of committing mass murder the wave upon wave of enraged masses will flood the capitals of the world; in short, they simply will not have the man power or the arsenal to make any significant impact to defer or halt an onslaught by the masses.

Woe unto the unrighteous Governments, Presidents, Kings, Queens, Rulers of the nations, the Bankers, the rich and powerful, when the anger of the people is unleashed upon them! They will be singled out individually, none shall escape, there shall be no place left to hide, as those that gave no mercy will receive no mercy from the masses.

“Cash is King” will no longer apply, as the gold, silver and treasures will be cast into the streets; of what use will it be to the hungry man? People cannot eat money, gold, silver, cars and property, no, no, no, who can reason with the mind of starving masses? Surely the displeasure of the people will reverberate throughout the nations of the world, escalating into unstoppable chaos and mayhem and revolution worldwide.

For a brief moment, imagine, if you will, a repetition of the French and Russian revolution, and magnify that a million times and you will see an unparalleled world scale of violence. Words beggar a description of the unspeakable horror that will confront the world as she reels and staggers under the weight of the abominations committed.

Alas, who can live? Who can survive? Who can be saved? Who can avert the inevitable? Who can intervene?

There is one! The Lion of the Tribe of Judah! He will save the remnant that seek shelter under the shadow of the Almighty, who take refuge under the wings of the Holy One!

Yet there are those that flatter themselves that they be secure and depend upon the unlimited protection of election, they presume upon this even as they recklessly indulge in evil and think themselves exempt from punishment. Is it written, ‘Once saved, always saved?’ no, I have not read of this in Holy writ! If we, as a nation, as an individual, keep the commandments of the Lord, He will keep His promises, if not, there is no promise for Him to keep, we break the promises, not God! – Sylvia Harris-Compton

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