TSA: A Portrait in Islamization

From American Thinker.Com

July 3, 2011

By Rabbi Aryeh Spero

On June 18th in an airport in Florida, Transportation Security Administration agents required a 95-year-old woman with leukemia to remove her adult diaper if she wanted to pass their inspection and travel.  The TSA says they would have been satisfied with merely feeling around the garment, but it was wet.  Whatever version, this constitutes yet another debasing treatment of an absolutely non-threatening American citizen for the purpose of protecting Muslim honor.  So as to be sensitive and not profile young Islamic men — the demographic group most likely to be terrorists — our policy is ending up dishonoring and humiliating American citizens, be they grammas or little girls, who in no way pose a threat.

This is not simply foolish, but evidence that our governmental agencies are already engaged in Islamization, for Islamization has taken root when a society abandons its decades of prevailing standards of dignity and common sense so as to accommodate Islam.  In this case, American policy has set aside our historic respect for individual personhood as well as law enforcement’s tried and tested method of profiling the most likely to commit a particular crime.  Groping little girls, afflicting old women, and invasively searching middle-aged people with no indication of being a threat is not the American way and would not, in other circumstances, be tolerated by any civil rights organization except here due to our preoccupation of not offending Muslims.

When a society asks its citizens to accept their own debasement and forgo their right to modesty and propriety — and all that constitutes first-class citizenship — so as to accommodate Muslim demands, those citizens have now taken a backseat; they have become second-class.  Second-class citizenship for non-Muslims so as not to offend Muslims is called dhimmitude, a core Islamic belief, the a priori subtext of the Islamization process.  In effect, it elevates the Muslim over the non-Muslim and holds in higher regard how he is to be treated relative to how the Christian or Jew is to be treated.  This is the ideal practiced throughout the Islamic world.

There are those that call this accommodation, but in reality it is Islamization for it, step-by-step, leads to an acceptance by society and ultimately society’s new standard.  The imams and Islamic organizations are well aware of Western society’s desire to be accommodating and have seized upon it as a way to begin the process that goes from accommodation to a society submissive to its own dhimmi status, in its very own land.

This has happened in Great Britain where schools with a mixed student body will, out of deference to the Muslim students, no longer serve pork in the cafeteria.  Jewish students never made such demands.  Instead of live and let live — the historic operating template of the West — Britons are asked to forfeit their preferences and identity under the Islamic rubric of “It’s our way, not your way.”  Similarly, British neighborhoods with sizeable, but not majority, Islamic populations are forgoing their centuries-old Christmas street displays so as not to offend Muslims.  It is, effectually, the beginning of a society submitting to shariah, first by omission and eventually in actual commission.

Government bureaucrats call it sensitivity, but it is, of course, the ever-moving train of Islamization.  Islam makes demands of a society that no other minority has ever made precisely because, unlike other groups, its goal is to reconfigure the society.  Even today, many in the West think Islamic demands are simply of the age-old civil rights variety, as was the case with other minorities, when it is really about Islamization, the imposition of Islam over the prevailing culture and over its citizens.

This degradation of the American citizenry is not enough for many in the Islamic organizations, who all too often yell discrimination and “Islamaphobia” when a Muslim, like all other Americans, is subjected to TSA inspection.  They cry the cry of civil rights, but the undertone bespeaks a feeling of Islamic entitlement, that Muslims are above the rest and should be spared the intrusions others must bear.  It’s a manifestation of the dhimmi notion found in the fifty-seven Islamic countries that shape the attitude of those, even here, who see them as model societies.

In the name of civil rights, many imams have warned our authorities not to subject Islamic women to what our own mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters routinely undergo in our policy of not implementing the commonsense profiling offensive to Muslims.  But given that the civil rights of women is not at the forefront of Islamic theology, it seems that the real intent behind these warnings is not a concern for women’s dignity but yet another opportunity to assert Islamic supremacy and hierarchy above the rest of us, the dhimmis.

A society is in a condition of dhimmitude when it neglects protecting its own people and overlooks what is done to its people so as not to offend Islam.  It does so by discarding its previous values and begins accepting what it, deep down, knows is not true.  In Norway and Sweden, for example, there are reports of young Islamic men raping local Scandinavian girls.  Yet, fearful of Islamic cries of Islamophobia, authorities are not prosecuting these men and are buying into the imamic assertion that it’s the scantily dressed girls who are, really, at fault by making men victims of their own youthful passions.  When coming from a nation that for years denounced these very assertions as sexist, one has reached dhimmitude.  What was previously the victim, the raped woman, is now the aggressor, and what was previously the aggressor, the man, is now the victim if a male Muslim.  Dhimitude is not simply the demotion of one’s own culture in relation to Islam but a categorization of inferiority as a people, and in body, to that of Islam.  Many in the West are now voluntarily practicing racism against their own race.

Islamization is happening not simply because of the brazenness of Islam but because of the multiculturalism that has become our self-imposed test as to our worthiness.  What began as an attempt in openness has metastasized to assigning other cultures superiority to our own.  In fact, the more it differs from our own, the more we elevate it above our own.

Last year, a State Department spokesman announced that our procedures at the airport were necessary “so we can prove what we preach.”  Proving our tolerance has become more important than common sense.  What impels a society to undergo mass humiliation so as to prove to Islam that we are not racist?  Indeed, it would seem that Islam has a greater need to prove itself to us — to prove that the atrocities perpetuated in its name around the world are, somehow, an aberration.

The more we obsess over their honor, the less we seem to care about our own honor.  What makes us cherish their honor more than being concerned with the gross indignities of our own women and children?  It is the self-hate and guilt generated by liberalism, an infectious disease spread across this country unrelentingly for over fifty years from the dens of New York’s Upper West Side.  It has brainwashed a great people into a confused and, often, pathetic submission.  It has made us ripe for Islamization.  Let’s hope we gather our strength and pride before we, God forbid, become Sweden and Norway.

Rabbi Spero can be reached at Caucus for America or at 212-252-6861.


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