Turkey’s PM Erdogan: Hamas is not a terror group

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May 12, 2011

Turkey’s PM Erdogan: Hamas is not a terror group

NATO-member Turkey, which came close to gaining membership in the EU, is accelerating its slide into Islamism. Its  Prime Minister  Recep Tayyip Erdogan last night told PBS’s Charlie Rose Show:

“Let me give you a very clear message, I don’t see Hamas as a terror organization. Hamas is a political party — it emerged as a political party that appeared as a political party,” Erdogan told Charlie Rose, adding: “it is a resistance movement trying to protect its country under occupation.”
Going further, the Turkish PM said the world should not “mix terrorist organizations with such an organization, and they entered into the elections,” adding that Hamas “won the elections, they had ministers, and they had parliament speakers who were imprisoned by Israel, about 35 ministers and members of parliament in Israel prisons.”
“Where is terrorism? They entered into the elections and after the elections this is how they were reacted, I mean, calling them terrorists, this would be disrespect to the will of the Palestinian people,” Erdogan added.
Referring to the impact the unity agreement Hamas signed with Fatah, Erdogan said: “I am very pleased with what had happened. I am very pleased. Let me express it very clearly, because this is what we wanted to see for many years.”

Yonatan Silverman aptly notes:

Yes, Yes Mr. Erdogan. The Nazis were a political party in their day too. Perhaps he can explain his position on Hamas to the 1000 Israeli civilians who Hamas murdered in suicide bombings in the Second Intifada? Their blood is on his head now.
Hamas has not changed its charter, which calls for the destruction of Israel.

Thomas Lifson

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