The Wars of the LORD

Joshua 10:40
So Joshua smote all the land, the hill country, the South, the lowland, and the slopes, and all their kings; he left none remaining, but utterly destroyed all that breathed, as the Lord the God of Israel commanded. [Deuteronomy 20:16]. Amplified Bible.

As the presence of “the Prince of the Lord’s host” [Joshua 5:13-14] indicates, Jehovah will take part in this conflict, not as an ally or an adversary, but as commander-in-chief.

It is not Israel’s quarrel, in which they are to ask the Divine assistance. It is the Lord’s own quarrel, and Israel and Joshua are but a division in his host.

The wars of Israel in Canaan are always presented by the Old Testament as “the wars of the Lord.”

The conquest of Canaan is too often treated as an enterprise of the Israelites, carried out with great cruelties, for which they claimed the Divine sanction.

The Old Testament presents the matter in an entirely different light….. Jehovah fights for His own right hand, and Israel is but a fragment of His army.

“The sun stood still,” the stars in their courses fought against His foes [Ellicott’s Commentary.]
– Amplified Bible: page 271

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